Staircase Remodel - Natural Wood
Fireplace - Remodel Natural Wood and Stone

“Jan and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the numerous upgrades to our home here in Huntington Beach. The five projects that Kirkland Construction has completed over the past six years have made our home a show case for our guests and a very comfortable home to live in. We appreciate the design assistance that you have brought to each of our projects, expanding on Jan’s ideas, magazine articles and photos. Your talent for architectural design and detail has added a tremendous amount of value to each project.Our first project together began with a leak in the piping below Joe’s shower which had been misdiagnosed by a plumbing contractor. You gave us the option of repairing the piping through the ceiling over the dining room or removing the shower and remodeling the room. The options were priced in detail allowing us to make the decision to remodel the room knowing what you were providing with detailed allowances for the vanity, plumbing, countertops etc.
You have now completed Joe and Nick’s bathrooms, replaced the stairs, fireplace and the first level tile flooring, each with the same level of professionalism. Additionally, you have maintained a strong level of control on all the specialty sub-contractors under your umbrella. I find that to be an important aspect in your maintaining of quality results. Good luck with your website, feel free to use us as a reference and we look forward to working with you on our next project. As you know, Jan has an extensive list. Now all we need is a truck full of money.”

Bill & Jan